Transform Materials

Transform has developed a novel and sustainable process to convert natural gas into high-purity, high-value chemicals. The technology avoids the legacy processes in the chemical industry that generate impurities and form greenhouse gases, creating a clean and energy-efficient alternative.

Transform’s technology uses microwave-generated plasma to energize the methane in natural gas to form acetylene and hydrogen, valuable components for chemical manufacturing and energy production. As no combustion is involved, the process avoids the production of carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas.  The company’s modular process systems are readily scalable for large plants or small industrial applications and can integrate with existing systems and architecture to minimize adoption costs.

In addition to acetylene, Transform’s technology also produces hydrogen in an energy-efficient way. Hydrogen is a clean energy source that does not produce greenhouse gases and has promising applications in the transportation and electricity generation industries. With modular systems, Transform enables a distributed model for delivering hydrogen by producing the product on-site and on-demand.

Source: Company estimates. For illustrative purposes only.


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