Approach to Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) at Amberjack

We are frequently the first institutional shareholder in our portfolio companies, uniquely positioning us to cultivate sound ESG related practices as our companies grow and develop.

We take a holistic perspective to our companies’ approach to ESG, reflecting the core values that Amberjack and our management-owners share. We support our companies’ efforts to have a positive impact on our local communities, the lives of our employees, and our environment. Amberjack’s goal is to be good custodians of the businesses in which we invest by building sustainable, thriving companies, that provide value to all stakeholders for many years after our stewardship.

What does it mean to be sustainable?


Offer a compelling, customer oriented value proposition


Hire the best people. Create an environment in which they can flourish


Employ sound environmental practices, and provide leadership among peers


Create a firm financial foundation and best in class capital stewardship


Be a model corporate citizen in the communities in which we live


Create a culture that embraces governance checks and balances

Our ESG approach

Creating ESG best practices is a journey, not a destination

Environmental - Relationship with and impact on the earth and local ecosphere


  • Efficient consumers of resources
  • Proactive adherence with environmental regulations
  • Active and transparent relationships with relevant regulatory bodies
  • Culture of awareness of environmental impact
  • Be good stewards of our local resources and the environment

Social - Workplace quality and impact on our local communities


  • Generate economic growth and vitality
  • Create good jobs and be the employer of choice
  • Everyone goes home safely
  • Positively impact the communities in which we operate
  • Provide opportunities for our employees to self actualize
  • Help employees create wealth for themselves and their families
  • Hire and promote within meritocratic cultures on the basis of talent and motivation
  • Zero tolerance for discrimination

Governance - Corporate stewardship quality and investor transparency


  • Tone at the top: create cultures of sound governance 
  • Provide strong capital stewardship
  • Conservative approach to the use of leverage
  • Implement proper board procedures and oversight functions
  • Conduct regular third party audits: accounting, asset appraisals, internal audit, SEC compliance, etc.
  • Maintain a robust independent director program 
  • Zero tolerance: fraud, waste, abuse, or bribery

Capitalism with character™ - ESG impact in action

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