Milestone Environmental Services

Milestone publishes its third annual Sustainability Report

Milestone’s 2022 Sustainability Report demonstrates the intersection of sustainability principles and stakeholder value creation. The Company analyzed its Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) performance against a matrix of value-creation frameworks designed by organizations such as the United Nations and European Union to quantify the effects of its ESG strategy. Milestone had a record year from both a financial and an ESG perspective in 2022, creating substantial value for all of its stakeholders while sequestering more than 416,000 MT of CO2e (an increase of greater than 25% vs. 2021 CO2e sequestered).

Amberjack Capital congratulates the entirety of the Milestone team for its accomplishments during 2022 and commends the work that Carolina Ortega, VP of Sustainability, and her team put into this year’s Sustainability Report. Each year, Milestone furthers its mission to Clean Up EnergySM and continues to lead from the front in the energy industry’s journey towards greater sustainability.


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Coverpage for Milestones' third annual Sustainability Report