Tier 1 Energy Solutions

The company’s next generation wireline package has been engineered to operate cleaner and with less impact on location vs. traditional asset packages. Tier 1’s solution lowers emissions (CO2e) by over two thirds, cuts noise pollution (dBA) by almost one third, and eliminates waste during operations.  

Tier 1 has brought to market a skidded wireline unit (E-SKID) that is powered by an electric motor, which utilizes either natural gas as a source fuel for power generation or draws power directly from the grid. The unit stands in contrast to the industry standard large horsepower diesel truck that is used to house wireline operating equipment. By removing all the related truck components, the overall environmental impact of the package is significantly reduced. Diesel fuel consumption and exhaust emissions are eliminated during operations while the electric motor materially reduces workers’ exposure to noise pollution. The company has coupled the E-SKID with grease-less (SMOOTH) wireline cable and its electric setting tool (E-SET), green technologies that eliminate waste by-products such as wireline lubricants, cleaning fluids, and spent explosive materials. 

Source: Company estimates. Assumes power for the E-Skid is from a natural gas generator and wireline operations are run on SMOOTH cable and E-SET. For illustrative purposes only.


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