Milestone Environmental Services

The company’s energy waste management process permanently sequesters carbon and provides added environmental benefits vs. alternative disposal methods. In 2020 Milestone permanently sequestered approximately 320,000 MT CO2e, equivalent to removing nearly 70,000 vehicles from the road.

Milestone’s patented slurry injection process involves the injection of energy waste streams into carefully selected deep reservoirs that are segregated by multiple geologic layers of confining rock from usable groundwater. The technology is environmentally superior to alternative disposal methods, namely the dumping of energy waste into surface reserve pits or the tilling of energy waste streams into the soil over a large surface area (land application). These disposal methods deposit contaminated, hydrocarbon-rich energy waste streams above the water table, increasing the environmental risk of soil or water contamination and produce GHG elevated emissions. In 2020, Milestone’s slurry injection process sequestered approximately 320,000 MT CO2e. If the same waste had been land applied (a process that remains legal in several states), the company estimates that approximately 115,000 MT CO2e would have been emitted into the atmosphere.

Source: Company estimates and SCS Engineers estimates. For illustrative purposes only.


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